Main Set Tuesday - Pull on the Lane Line

May 22, 2012
Main Set Tuesday - Pull on the Lane Line

Never miss the opportunity to teach.  Yesterday's practice showed some consistent errors in the masters group, so we decided to teach with a fun set.

Pulling on the lane line to begin to understand the pull pattern of backstroke is a useful drill in teaching a quick elbow bend, but when people do it for the first time (so many honest swimmers... love it), it's a bit confusing.  Make sure you stress staying as close to the lane as possible, and pulling on the UNDERSIDE of the lane.

Main Set (short course yards):
 - 12 x 25 - pull on the lane line
      Each lane will swim on the same side of the lane down and back.  The lead swimmer will have to wait for the last person to finish to begin the next 25.  This way you're always using the opposite arm.  Remember, only pull on the lane line about 3 times, then let go and swim regular backstroke, keeping the hand in the same pattern.
 - 4 x 100 - 25 back/75 free, 50 back/50 free, 75 back/25 free, 100 back
 - 8 x 25 - pull on the lane line
 - 8 x 50 back - odds slow, evens fast, focusing on a shallow catch and pull.  Listen to your stroke, and increase the rate from 1-4.

 - 16 x 25 - easy fast by 25.  The goal on these is to increase the rate of the stroke as much as possible by using a quick catch, shallow pull, and hard hitting hand entry into the water.

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