Main Set Wednesday - March 9, 2011

Mar 9, 2011
Main Set Wednesday - March 9, 2011

Good practice with the masters group today, and a nice opportunity to get some nice training in, and alternate that with some up tempo stroke.

Main Set (short course yards):
• 1 x 600 on 7:30 - breathing 3-5-7 consecutively (I have a hard time with this to be honest... it means I'd only get 2 breaths per length and with the base rate being 1:15, I simply wasn't able to do it as prescribed.  Fortunately, Craig overlooked that).
• 3 x 100 on 2:00 - there were stroke, descend 1-3.  It's always hard switching from freestyle to breaststroke, so the opportunity to go the first one easy, and the easy interval was really nice.

Repeat this set.

The goal was to do the set 3 times, but we simply ran out of pool time, so only did it twice.

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