Main Set Wednesday - Swim... faster faster

Aug 16, 2012
Main Set Wednesday - Swim... faster faster

This is another "math" type set, but if you work a bit ahead, it's actually easy on the math side... just tough on the swimming side.

This is the type of set that sneaks up on you, starts off feeling pretty smooth and easy, then builds to a more challenging set toward the end.  It's also about more intensity toward the end of the set.  Pre-plan, think before you go, and hold back at the beginning so you learn more about pacing and feeling your speed in the water.

Main Set (short course yards):
 - 10 x 100 on 1:30 - find out your average 25 time for the 100, and hold that for all the 100s.  Example, if you are swimming 1:20s, your average 25 time is :20.  Try to hold that pace through this entire part of the set.
 - 10 x 75 on 1:15 - A little more rest / 25, but now you have to create a NEW average 25 time which is faster than the 100s.  So, if your average 25 time on the 100s was :20, now you have to hold at least :19 / 25, so your time on each 75 should be about :57.  Sure, anything under a 1:00 counts, but try to round down to whole numbers for this set.
 - 10 x 50 on :55 - Again, a bit more rest / 25, but also again, the average 25 time needs to continue to come down.  If your average time on the 75s was indeed :19, now you have to go at least :18, or :36s for each 50.
 - 10 x 25 on :30 - Yep, more rest based on the per 25 rule, but also, now faster.  You have to go at least :17s on all of the 25s.

The trick here is being honest, and holding back at the beginning.  Setting goals for each segment prior to starting the set can also help so you don't have to do the math on the fly.

The lane 4 group had the following goals prior to starting the set:
 - 100s at 1:20
 - 75s at :55
 - 50s at :32
 - 25s at :15

It's a good set if you approach it in that way.  Enjoy.

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