Mile High Chunnel Toppers

May 26, 2010
Mile High Chunnel Toppers

I just got an email from my friend Holden Bank,  the new 50-54 masters national record holder for the 50 breast.  What's going on with the world these days, the breaststrokers are all going long!

Holden, who last week in Atlanta, became the first person over the age of 50 to break :27 for the 50 breaststroke (26.98), is going to celebrate his 50th year by swimming across the English Channel.

Follow his training, and his team (it's a relay, but still incredible), and get involved.  While many people want gifts for their birthday, Holden, his wife and friends, have committed to raising $10,000 for their favorite charities to make this effort a REAL birthday gift for everyone.

Follow the link to read more, and to get involved.

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