Mind and Matter

Jun 2, 2009
Mind and Matter

Here's a pretty short practice that's a bit small-group oriented.  In other words, you're going to need a partner to complete this one.

• 600 Warm-up
• 16 x 25 - no breath down, climb out and do 5 push-ups.  Stay together as a group (or partner).  You'll have to take enough rest to maintain the no breathers on the odd 25s
• 16 x 25 kick - After each 25, alternate ankle partner stretching.  These are all flutter kick and the stretch is when one partner holds the toes of one leg close to the floor, while the stretching swimmer then tries to lay the rest of his/her leg flat on the floor as well.
• 16 x 50 on :50 pull - descend 1-4 stroke count while maintaining your times.  Descend your average time on each set of four.  If you held :35 on the first set, then hold :34 on the 2nd, :33 on the third, and :32 or below on the 4th.  Reduce the stroke count from 1-4 within each set.

•  Final set - RELAY
– 4 x 25, 4 x 50, 4 x 75, 4 x 100.  Each swim is 100% effort.  This requires 4 swimmers, with swimmers having to switch ends during the relay to keep things moving.  Start as fast as possible, and try to maintain the average 25 time through the set.

The trick to this practice is to focus on stroke through everything.  Use your mind, because it matters!  ;)  It's a short practice, so make it count.

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