Morning Torture with Cords

Jun 5, 2009
Morning Torture with Cords

Here is part of our practice from this morning.  A little trick we saw last week from the big guy, J.L.

Take your standard stretch cord and wrap it around twice.  This way there isn't a CHANCE you're going to get to the other end.

Strap on the cord and swim the prescribed amount of time.  Go out as far as you can and hang on for dear life.  It's best to position a clock at the end to make sure you know when to stop or how much longer you have to go.

Go through this 4 times through - :15 seconds, :30 seconds, :45 seconds, 1 minute.
1st time through is swim - stick with freestyle on this and focus on your catch (you'll need to) and your constant kick
2nd time through is pull - same as above, only just focusing on the catch obviously
3rd time through is kick - pick a spot on the lane line and hang there
4th time through is swim again - do your best to reach the same spot

To finish this practice, un-loop the cord so it's at it's regular length.  Use the lane line or wall to get you to the other end... wait until you're rested, and sprint back at TOP speed.  It's always best to have someone pulling you in on the cord so it never goes slack, but go as far as you can.

Enjoy... it's not a long practice, but your heart rate will go up, and your arms will have a hard time getting around toward the end of the set.

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