Motivational Children's Book Series

Dec 1, 2006
Motivational Children's Book Series

When you're a coach, one thing you try to do is motivate your swimmers to become not just better swimmers but also better people. Sometimes it works.

Such is the case with Susie Gallucci.

I was privileged to coach Susie in her high school and early college days. At the time, nobody knew what type of person Susie would become, but MAN is everyone proud now. From professional triathlete, to Marine, to motivational speaker, and now author. Who can keep up?


I received an email from Susie this week, and I wanted to alert all of you -- parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and ANYONE who has ever known, talked to, or seen a child -- to Susie's new books. Plus, she stuck a little picture in to make us both laugh. Because I like to make all of you laugh as well, I'll include Susie's picture next to mine at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!).


Please check out Susie's website. There is more information there than I could ever include here, so please visit, and support this great athlete and AMAZING person. Just in time for CHRISTMAS presents, too. Go get 'em!

Here's a bit more info on the books, then click to her website and fill your stockings!

I've been working on these books since I had this little inkling in August of 2005 (thanks to my husband -- you can read about the whole thing online at We have 3 SUPER-FUN books: Believe & Dream Find Their Way Home (ages 4-9), Believe ICAN (up to age 5), and Dream ICAN (up to age 5). There are also cool inspirational silicone wrist bands that say "Believe I Can" on one side and "Dream I Can" on the other.

The mission of these books is to give children a bigger belief in themselves and their abilities. Since you're probably about to buy some presents for your favorite kids, I thought this would be the right time to get the word out!  My goal is to sell 2500 books BY CHRISTMAS so we can make a hefty donation to autism research for kids this holiday season. If you can, please consider purchasing the ICAN CLAN books for the children on your list this Christmas. Please visit and check out our special ICAN CLAN Triple Combo - All three books for only $29.95 plus shipping - and give the children in your life something INSPIRING and INVIGORATING for Christmas!

Please tell all your friends and help us spread the word about these kid-safe, uplifting, and value-driven books. Thirty-three percent of all proceeds will go directly to the Out of the Rain Society, dedicated to helping children and families affected by autism. Together, we can help teach children solid values and proven success principles AND help find the cure for autism.

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