New Coach Plan Pricing -

Apr 23, 2014
New Coach Plan Pricing -

Coaches, check out our new pricing plan that makes it easy and inexpensive to share GoSwim videos with each group within your team. The Coach Annual-Plus Plan allows you, as Head Coach, to purchase multiple Training Groups and assign those groups to your assistant coaches.  The more Training Groups you add, the less they cost per group.   

With the purchase of each Training Group, the coach of the group has full access to the GoSwim site, plus the ability to share videos with up to 100 swimmers.   The more Training Groups you set up, the less you pay per group:

1st Training Group is $99.99 
2nd Training Group is $74.99
3rd Training Group is $49.99
4th+ Training Group is $24.99

This means your assistant coaches get a full subscription, access to everything in the GoSwim platform (currently more than 3000 video clips) for just pennies per day.   

If you have any questions about getting started, please write to

Click here to review all the plans.

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