One-Day Freestyle Clinic

May 12, 2004
One-Day Freestyle Clinic

Special one-day freestyle clinics have become very popular among busy triathletes.

Have you ever wanted to take a weekend swimming workshop, but were too busy with family, work, and other commitments to take off two (or more) days? Our one-day "mini-clinics" keep the groups small and get across all the major points you'll need to know to improve your training or your next race.

We'll introduce some drills, but also spend a large amount of time showing you how to incorporate technique into your training -- allowing you to learn while you gain fitness.

Video analysis is included in our clinics, and you WILL get a copy of your tape with voice-over commentary. We will also send you a pre-clinic DVD full of drills and ideas tp help improve your swimming. Of course, a really cool Go Swim T-shirt is included, too.

We'll come to you, so please contact us for more information on how to set up one of these great little clinics. We guarantee it will be valuable, helpful, and easy to work into your already busy schedule.

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