Online - Breaststroke with Roque Santos

Jun 16, 2011
Online - Breaststroke with Roque Santos

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1992 Olympic Trials Champion in the 200 breaststroke, Roque Santos, shares his thoughts and techniques on breaststroke.  Multiple Masters World Record holder as well as swimming entrepreneur, Roque knows all sides of swimming from competing to coaching.

Roque shares his thoughts on:

• Arm Pull - focusing on the hands

• Arm Pull - focusing on the elbows

• Pulling Drills

• The Breaststroke Kick

• Kicking Drills

• Body Position and the Lunge

• The Underwater Pull

• Turns

As well as more than 20 clips of video featuring Roque performing breaststroke, and drills from various angles.

This video can cross the boundaries from masters to age-group swimming with techniques and advice that knows no boundaries.

Jump in with Roque and learn to swim breaststroke FASTER!

The video below is the Hi-Res version available.

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