Online - Go Swim with Mirrors, Tools, and Toys

Feb 11, 2011
Online - Go Swim with Mirrors, Tools, and Toys

Steve Haufler’s bag of tricks!   A must-have video for coaches, learn-to-swim instructors, and parents.

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"Steve Haufler is one of the finest coach-teachers on the planet.  In this DVD Steve shows us how to use a variety of tools to teach techniques in the 4 competitive strokes.   It is a must have for the coach of novice swimmers, whether they are 9-year olds or new-to-swimming 9th graders.  Steve makes use of mirrors, mannequin heads, tape measures, score cards, swim dolls, laminated photos, rope, plastic cups, noodles and more.  This DVD is highly recommended by the ASCA Staff."  -- American Swim Coaches Association

"The Mirrors, Tools, and Toys video with Steve Haufler is a must for the library of every coach, especially coaches of developmental and age group swimmers.  The equipment presented on this video is inexpensive and readily available.  In one viewing I saw eleven pieces of cheap gear to add to my Gear-Head Circuit bag of tricks.  With minimal investment by your club you can create your own circuit to keep 30 to 60 swmmers busy for 45 minutes in a six-lane pool and deck.  The drills are easy to teach and for swimmers to quickly learn.  Just "Go For It" with Go Swim and Steve Haufler."  -- Bob Steele, author of Games Gimmicks Challenges for Swimming Coaches

"The progressions Steve uses are so good that I use all of his GoSwim DVDs with my University of Iceland students to show them sound teaching progressions in teaching swimming to children as well as how the correct turns should be executed.  His DVD on the creative use of mirrors and visual aids is also fantastic.  His DVDs are not only informative, interesting and extremely effective in training swimming coaches and teachers but also taught from the heart.  These discs are a must for any serious coach/teacher."  -- Hafthor Gudmundsson, former Olympic swim coach and assistant professor in swimming skills, University of Iceland.  

Steve Haufler's bag of tricks!  A must-have video for coaches, learn-to-swim instructors, and parents.

Steve Haufler’s creative use of such things as mirrors, noodles and Styrofoam heads has earned him a reputation as one of the best stroke teachers in the world.  In GO SWIM WITH MIRRORS, TOOLS, AND TOYS, Steve shares his bag of tricks -- the tools and toys that have proven effective for thousands of swimmers -- from beginner to advanced, age-group to Masters.  

By watching Steve as he gives unrehearsed lessons to real swimmers, you’ll see how he uses each tool to teach the basics, and how he uses tools to correct the stroke flaws that coaches see every day in their more advanced swimmers.

Included in Steve’s tool kit are:
• Mirrors -- how to use them for teaching and improving all four strokes, plus advice on the visual and verbal cues that will get FAST results
• Styrofoam heads -- the easiest way to get a swimmer’s attention
• Tape measures -- great for teaching streamline
• Score cards -- got boys to teach? 
• Swim dolls -- why you will want one in every lane
• Kickboards -- new uses
• Strapless paddles -- develop “feel” for the water
• Laminated photos -- a picture is worth a 1000 words
• The rope -- a fun backstroke tool
• Plastic cups -- fastest way to a steady head in backstroke
• Noodles -- how to use them for improving backstroke and forward starts
And more

By watching Steve Haufler, you will come away with dozens of inventive and creative ideas for teaching stroke technique.  He will help you become a more effective teacher and coach...guaranteed!  

STEVE HAUFLER, head coach of the Orinda Country Club in Orinda, California, is considered by many to be a genius at teaching the four strokes and getting kids ready for competitive swimming.  His teaching methods are also known to instill a lifelong love of swimming, because he knows how to make lessons FUN.   Steve’s young students progress rapidly from lessons to summer league, and then move on to Orinda Aquatics, one of the most successful competitive swim programs in the United States.

GO SWIM WITH MIRRORS, TOOLS, AND TOYS was written, filmed, and produced by the team of GLENN MILLS, a member of the 1980 Olympic Swim Team, and BARBARA HUMMEL, veteran of two Olympic Trials.  Both are coaches, learn-to-swim instructors, and World Top-Ten Masters swimmers.

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