Online - IM with Kevin Clements

Dec 21, 2010
Online - IM with Kevin Clements

Coaches will love this ''silent'' video. With no voiceover, it's pure swimming - perfect for showing to teams because you can supply your own commentary. And, it's now available streaming live to your computer or mobile device so you can access the information when and where you need it most.

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Go Swim IM features Kevin Clements, a national champion in the 400 IM, and who finished third in the 200 IM and fourth in the 400 IM at the 2000 US Olympic Trials, and who finished fifth in the 200 IM at the 2004 US Olympic Trials.

The DVD shows above-water and underwater footage of Kevin swimming all four strokes, plus starts, breakouts, finishes, and turns for every stroke plus transition turns. Also included are Kevin's favorite drills for working on each of the strokes. 

The ultimate teaching tool!

Mobile streaming sample: Web streaming sample:

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