Online - Jason Lezak Freestyle

Jun 15, 2010
Online - Jason Lezak Freestyle

These videos are no longer available for purchase here.  For access to all of our content, please visit

Available immediately, get access to the entire Go Swim Freestyle with Jason Lezak video online, anywhere in the world, anytime you want it.  Unlimited viewing!

Mobile stream - lower resolution for phone access

Web stream - higher resolution for wifi access

To better serve our global swimming community, we're going the extra step to offer our friends variations in how they gain access to our valuable information.  For a reduced fee, no cost of shipping, and the added convenience of community discussions for each chapter, you can gain unlimited access to selected videos.

To kick start this service, the Go Swim community has decided that Jason Lezak wins the initial testing of this service.  Here's how to gain access, and what you can expect to see once you get inside.

Step 1:
Go to the "GoSwim Gold" tab at the top of the screen.

Step 2:
Scroll down and click the list of current premium videos and classes.  You MUST be a "member" of to access this list.  To become a member, simply look at the top left of any page, and create your membership.  It's free!

Step 3:
Scroll through the classes and in the Freestyle section, click on Go Swim Freestyle with Jason Lezak.

Step 4:
Before you purchase access, you'll have a chance to read more about the video. 

Step 5:
Use your PayPal account to pay for access, and you're in.  You'll then be greeted with the contents page for the video.  Click on any chapter for immediate access to the video.

Step 6:
Start watching the video.  We've split the video into easily accessible chapters so you can get to the content you want immediately, rather than having to scrub through a typical web video searching for the information you need most.  Of course, the videos will also play in full screen mode, and we've done our best to create quality video for your screen.  Look for the sample video at the top of this page.

Step 7:
While you're watching any chapter, there is quick access to the previous, and next chapter linked directly above the playing video.


Step 8:
Another first from!  Don't understand something on the video?  Having a difficult time fitting the techniques into your own stroke?  Post a question for any chapter, directly under that video.  Our community has proven to be a helpful group, and as the membership grows, you'll be able to find help quickly from other members, sometimes our coaches, and who knows who may pop up in the group.  ;)

We hope you enjoy this format, and if this test is a successful one, we'll be planning on more videos to come under this service.  Keep the feedback coming, and GoSwim with Jason Lezak!

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