Online Video Access Survey

May 21, 2010
Online Video Access Survey

We recently started a service that allows you to rent several of our premium DVDs, through YouTube, for immediate online viewing.   Our hope was that this service would allow our customers...especially those who swim outside the have easy access to our DVDs.  

This is a relatively new service for YouTube, and they've chosen to start it only in the U.S.  So...we're still searching for a way to give ALL swimmers (not just those who live in the USA) the same access to our premium DVDs.   You can help us in the search by participating in a brief survey.  

We'd like for you to nominate ONE DVD... the one you'd most like to have unlimited access to, for a one-time fee, on our website.  Keep in mind that you'll need good bandwidth in order to take advantage of this kind of service, and that you'll be able to view the content only on your computer.    We will continue to make our premium videos available on DVD, but with online access you can avoid shipping costs and waiting time to receive your video.  

For now, please help us by selecting which video you'd most like immediate, unlimited access to.  Be a part of the process, and let's help move the sport forward.  Our goal is to serve the entire global swimming community.

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