Online - Water Running for the Serious Athlete

Feb 3, 2011
Online - Water Running for the Serious Athlete

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Here's a safer, smarter way to take your training to the next level.

* Discover 16 different "strides" that look and feel remarkably similar to running on the roads -- except for the pounding.  (Strides include standard, uphill, downhill, extended, etc)
* Learn how to combine these strides to simulate any kind of running workout (fartlek, hill repeats, long slow distance, speedwork, and EZ recovery).
* Find a way to get in a tough yet refreshing workout when it's too hot, too cold, too icy, or too humid for outdoor running to be safe or pleasant.
* Train with more intensity, more often, getting in an additional "running" workout each week or getting in more long "runs" prior to a marathon or distance event, with virtually no risk of injury.
* Learn water strides that help your muscles recover form long hours on the bike or on the roads.
* Find a way to train when you travel. The Shallow-Water Water-Running Workout is perfect for hotel and backyard pools.
* Get to the starting line with much less pounding and stress on your joints, and with legs and arms that are strong from working against resistance.

The video below is the introduction of the video.  This is the exact file you'll find in the class.  If the video below does not play properly for you, the video inside the class will not play either.  Please do not purchase if you can't see this video.  Thanks. 

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