Pic of the Week - Roll Tide!

Jul 19, 2012
Pic of the Week - Roll Tide!

During summer training, it's fairly common to have visiting swimmers.  It becomes special when you share something in common with those swimmers.

This past summer, we had Reese training with us in New York City, up from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Reese swims for 'Bama and it was fantastic to have him here.

Personally, I can't be happier when an athlete that represents my alma mater is so classy as a person.  Reese certainly is a great representative of the Alabama program, and I couldn't be prouder to share some history with him.

I'm also a massive fan of anyone who has a passion, and follows it.  Reese's passion is... ice cream.  Not just sitting back with a spoon and a big tub of vanilla... but creating amazing flavors.  His business, Shireshack Ice Cream, makes ice cream that gives the same experience as drinking a fine, aged wine.  You take a bite, sit back, and discover the variety of subtle flavors that he's blended into the best ice cream experience I've ever had... and look at me... I've had a LOT of ice cream!

Reese is heading in to his final year at Alabama, and then let's all hope that some massive chain of stores picks up his amazing creations.  Trust me, you're going to want this stuff. 

Oh... and in this swimming pic... great stuff with the one-eye breathing. ;)

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