Positioning Techniques for Teaching Swimming

Nov 24, 2009
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Positioning Techniques for Teaching Swimming

Steve Haufler is recognized as one of the best stroke teachers in the world.  In GO SWIM POSITIONING TECHNIQUES, Steve shares the single most important concept that has helped him be a better teacher:  Know where and how to position yourself in relation to the swimmer... and know how to position the swimmer's body to learn the skills correctly.

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"The progressions Steve uses are so good that I use all of his GoSwim DVDs with my University of Iceland students to show them sound teaching progressions in teaching swimming to children as well as how the correct turns should be executed.  His DVD on the creative use of mirrors and visual aids is also fantastic.  His DVDs are not only informative, interesting and extremely effective in training swimming coaches and teachers but also taught from the heart.  These discs are a must for any serious coach/teacher."  -- Hafthor Gudmundsson, former Olympic swim coach and assistant professor in swimming skills, University of Iceland.  

Steve's positioning techniques, based on more than 30 years of experience as a coach and learn-to-swim instructor, have proven effective for thousands of swimmers, from beginner to advanced, age group to Masters.  They really work, and in in this video he makes them accessible for every coach and every swim instructor.

By watching Steve as he gives unrehearsed lessons to real swimmers (age 6, 7, and 8), you'll learn:
• A simple, 5-step progression for teaching each of the four strokes.  For each step, you'll learn how to position your body and the swimmer's body for best results.
• Where to stand and how to use your hands to guide your students through the proper kicking, pulling, recovery, and breathing movements.
• How to provide resistance to your swimmers' movements so they learn what it feels like to swim correctly.
• How to make sure the swimmer experiences correct movements and only correct movements.  No bad habits to correct later on!
• How to get amazing results by teaching eye to eye and hand to hand.

By watching master instructor Steve Haulfer, you will come away with dozens of inventive and creative ideas for teaching stroke technique.  Once you try Steve's positioning techniques, and see the results, you will know that you've reached a new level as a teacher and coach.

STEVE HAUFLER, head coach of the Orinda Country Club in Orinda, California, is considered by many to be a genius at teaching the four strokes and getting kids ready for competitive swimming.  His teaching methods are also known to instill a lifelong love of swimming, because he knows how to make lessons fun.  Steve's young students (some as young as 5 and 6) progress rapidly from lessons to swim team.

GO SWIM POSITIONING TECHNIQUES was written, filmed, and produced by the team of Glenn Mills, a member of the 1980 Olympic Swim Team, and Barbara Hummel, veteran of two Olympic Trials.  Both are coachees, learn-to-swim instructors, and World Top-Ten Masters swimmers.

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