Quikpod / Hitcase iPhone Filming

Mar 12, 2014
Quikpod / Hitcase iPhone Filming

Here's a quick video showing the use of two new filming tools during practice.

Using an iPhone 5S set to 120 fps, we're able to quickly grab video of the swimmers, show and explain to them what we see, and then get them back on their way quickly.

The Hitcase has a wide angle lens that allows us to film the swimmers in lane 1, while still getting full body illustration.

The Quikpod is the longest extending pole that accepts the GoPro mount, as well as a standard tripod mount.  It's fully waterproof and is sturdy even at pretty high swimming speeds.

The more frequently you can show your athletes what they're doing, the better able they'll be to make the effective changes you want them to make.  Here's a quick pic of the set up.


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