Ralph Crocker Interview

Jan 19, 2007
Ralph Crocker Interview

As many of you know, swimming lost one of it's most talented coaches last week. In digging through some old footage, we were lucky enough to find a short clip of video from some interviews that were conducted last summer.


While this is a very quick clip, we think it will help you understand the real spirit of Ralph, especially at the beginning. His good nature with friends, quick wit, and knowledge of the sport will all be missed.

Enjoy this, and pass it around. This is how we'll remember Ralph, and hope those of you who didn't know him, will appreciate what a great man he really was. By the way, in the interview, Ralph is initially discussing a subject with a very good friend, Donald Gibb. While we'd love to show the entire exchange, it's probably not a great idea... guys will be guys.

Click to watch on YouTube

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