Relay Starts - Team Work with York YMCA

Jun 9, 2015
Relay Starts - Team Work with York YMCA

Working on relay take-offs for club swimming means VARIETY and the ability to judge a swimmer’s momentum.

Why do it:
Because club relays are typically chosen at the last minute, with many swimmers starting off another athlete for the first time, an understanding of responsibility for both the swimmer coming in, and the swimmer taking off must be learned.

How to do it:
1 – Three swimmers per lane will be practicing together.
2 – One swimmer comes in, the next swimmer is taking off, and the third swimmer is ready to jump up for the next round.
3 – Every few starts, the swimmer will switch up the order, and the swimmers MUST come in with a different stroke each time.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
Not only must each swimmer change strokes while they’re swimming, changing the order of the swimmers and even changing up lanes of swimmers will add more variety.  Mixing male and female swimmers will also get the swimmers more aware of the variable of speed changes.  The idea being the swimmers become more aware of changing conditions and learning how to react, rather than a set, simple method.

Coaches will frequently be reminding the swimmers coming in NOT to glide.  The swimmer coming IN has as much responsibility for a great start, as the swimmer on the blocks.

Incorporating exercises like this in practice, means the swimmers will be better educated when they get to their meets, and find out at the last minute… THEY MADE THE RELAY!!!

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