Set of the Week - January 18, 2008

Jan 18, 2008
Set of the Week - January 18, 2008

Get yourself moving for this one. It's a fun set that allows you to go fast so you can practice your speed... nice.

8 sets of the following, all swum with fins:
100 on 1:30
50 easy on 1:00

The 100s are 50 stroke, 50 free in IM order: 50 fly/50 free, 50 back/50 free, 50 breast/50 free, 100 free. Repeat this twice. The 50s between each 100 are for recovery purpose.

The goal of the set is to swim each of the 100s in less than 1:00. You are NOT allowed to go farther than 1/2 way using underwater dolphin, and the breaststroke is done with double dolphin kick.

This is an intense set that requires the swimmer to use fins to help achieve the goal times. It also lets the arms begin to understand how to deal with the speed the fins are providing.

Enjoy it, and stay intense. If 1:00 is too slow, feel free to bump the time down a bit. ;)

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