Set of the Week - March 21, 2008

Mar 21, 2008
Set of the Week - March 21, 2008

5 X 200   Dolphin kick on back with arms in a streamline

The set this week looks very harmless on paper...but halfway through #1 you'll realize how tough this little set can be.  

In order to do this correctly, you must maintain streamline position throughout the entire set.  Doing this helps promote proper body/head position and isolates the hips, core, and legs -- making sure you don't use the head and shoulders during the dolphin kick.  

We at GoSwim love the technical aspect of this set, but the part that really makes it great is that it HURTS.  In the good way of course, but it is like getting a two-for-one deal with this set.  You can get a tremendous ab workout while focusing on technique.  In fact, the more slowly and prettier you do the 200s...the better the ab workout!

If time is a concern, this set can be adjusted to 100s or even 50s. Have fun and don't forget..streamline!

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