Set of the Week - October 26, 2007

Oct 26, 2007
Set of the Week - October 26, 2007

 Every once in a while, we get the chance to swim with younger, faster, tougher athletes. When given that chance, you'd better STEP up, or they'll find out you really ARE just an old timer.

Here's a challenging set for all athletes, but one that took a lot of focus to complete, and to SURVIVE. While it can seem a bit tedious, during the process there are all kinds of little things you have to focus on in a kind of relentless way in order to make the sendoff: how to approach the wall; how to come off the wall; which muscles to work on which length; how wide or how narrow to kick; whether to finish the feet or let them drag to save even the slightest amount of energy. It's all about trade-offs, as well as energy and velocity management. When you finish th set it's just plain cool... and then you can pretend like it didn't hurt at all (spend a lot of time under water hiding your pain).

It's a very simple set to write, but far more difficult to complete. Have fun!

4 x 500 kick on 7:30 (SCY)

That's it. A quick 2-grand kick set.

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