Starts - Cullen Jones Box Jumps

Jun 28, 2011
Starts - Cullen Jones Box Jumps

Want to develop a great start that gets you to the other end in about 10 seconds?  Learn to jump like Cullen Jones!

Why Do It:
How quickly you leave the blocks is part of the race.  Entering the water with power and speed is a good thing!

How to Do It:
 First, whenever doing dryland exercises, make sure you're supervised by your coach or a professional.  Safety first.
2.  There are boxes, or platforms, specifically made for this exercise.  Pick one that's easy for you to step up on.  If you can step up on it, you can step down off it.
3.  Stand in a power position, with your feet about shoulder width apart.
4.  Jump UP on to the platform, and then step back down.
5.  Repeat.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Use your arms to help gain a bit of momentum.  Try to land on the box as softly as possible.  When you've mastered the box at the current height, try a higher box... or create your own challenge.

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