Steve Jobs

Oct 6, 2011
Steve Jobs

It's certainly no secret that I'm an Apple fanatic.  So I was quite sad when I got the text from my Son last night that Steve Jobs had passed away.

We all gain inspiration from many places, and I must say, I've been like so many others, in getting some of my inspiration from Steve.  To create simplicity where there is so much complexity has always been the goal for Barbara and me here at Go Swim, and each day when I pick up my iPhone, I'm inspired by how brilliant Steve Jobs was at making the complex...simple.   

Words can't express the impact Steve Jobs has had on the world, and how we all work.  It's almost impossible to avoid feeling the effects on what he was involved in creating.

Fifty-six years old is simply too young.

Please support my friends at Swim Across America, and let's all do our best to keep so many great people like Steve Jobs around longer.

Take 15 minutes and watch one of the greatest commencement speeches ever given, and get a bit more understanding of what he was like as a man.

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