Svetlana Karpeeva - Olympian - Interview

Aug 7, 2009
Svetlana Karpeeva - Olympian - Interview

While we were filming our video with Margaret Hoelzer (which you can check out here), we had a chance to meet Svetlana Karpeeva, one of Margaret's training partners and a 2008 Olympic Semi-Finalist in the 200 IM.

I recently came across this video interview with Svetlana by Matthew Brashears.  It tells a great story of what sacrifices athletes have to go through to achieve their goals.

It's got some great footage of training, and is a simple, real world conversation with someone who was willing to travel around to the world to succeed, even when others told her she wouldn't be able to.

With the limited time we spent with Svetlana, we can tell you she's a wonderful person who has worked very hard to reach this ultimate level.  We're big fans, and great job on the interview Matthew.

Svetlana Karpeeva from Matthew Brashears on Vimeo.

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