Swim Quick - Swim Across America Event

Feb 3, 2010
Swim Quick - Swim Across America Event

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Valentine's Day Weekend, 2010 - Join "Swim Quick" in 2010 - Our long time friend and world renowned swim coach, Richard Quick, passed away from a malignant brain tumor last year. In the months leading up to his passing, the swimming community honored him by banding with us for our "Swim Quick" program. Thousands of swimmers jumped into a local pool on the same day to swim in his honor, and gave to the Richard Quick Endowment which supports SAA’s continuing battle against cancer. In the end, Swim Quick raised over $80,000, and we know that meant the world to Richard and his family. Now, more than ever, we are dedicated to continuing his legacy by fighting to find a cure for cancer in his memory each and every year.

Please join “Swim Quick” this year - "Swim Quick" is a time to swim for loved ones who are or have been affected by cancer. Please register to swim on Valentine's Day Weekend, 2010 and give to the Swim Across America Richard Quick Endowment. You can swim on your own, involve your team by dedicating a practice, or just give.

Check out this great video on Richard as well.

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