Swim Set of the Week - July 10, 2009

Jul 10, 2009
Swim Set of the Week - July 10, 2009

A quick kick set that's sure to please the breaststrokers.

This set requires intensity to really work, so make sure you're ready for it before attempting.  The idea is to work the legs using flutter kick over an extended period, or to a high intensity, and then switch to breaststroke kick for some very strong kicking.  If you do this right, what you'll feel is a better snap at the end of your kick.  What we feel when we do this, is that if you're really true to gaining speed in your flutter kick, your legs get more used to staying stretched out, rather than crunched up as in setting up for the breaststroke kick.  Then switching to breaststroke kick leaves the legs a bit longer, and more focused on hiding the thighs, and keeping the kick further back.  

Again, this will only work if you're really intent on going as fast as you can for the flutter kick.

• Start with 8 x 100 kick on ~ 2:00 (meters).
You'll be doing 2 sets of 4 x 100.  The first three 100s are all flutter kick, trying to hold as fast a pace as possible for all three 100s.  The 4th 100 is breaststroke kick, not all out sprint, but a very strong effort.

• Swim an easy 50, shaking out your thighs and relaxing.

• Now move to 2 sets of 4 x 25 flutter kick, followed by a 100 breaststroke kick.  
The intervals should give you about 20 seconds rest after each 25 of flutter and these are FAST!   The 100 breaststroke kick is a bit faster than you did on the first set.  In between each set, we swam an easy 50, shaking out the thighs.

If you do this right, you'll feel not only the "snap" at the end of your kick, but also that your legs are a bit sore for a day or so.

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