Swimming Pic of the Week - April 28. 2011

Apr 28, 2011
Swimming Pic of the Week - April 28. 2011

While taking some pictures of the swimmers this morning, I found the following comparison pretty interesting.

For those who are sold that the only way to achieve speed is through "front quadrant swimming"... here's a swimmer who goes 50 yards in just a hair over 20 seconds and is still in high school.

Unless you're already satisfied with the velocity you travel through the water... don't stop experimenting.

While these pictures aren't exact, they're pretty close to the same spot in the stroke.  The first two the swimmer was cruising.  The second two, the swimmer was sprinting.  I know in the first he's breathing, but the differences between where the pulling arm is when the recovering arm is beginning the recovery, and entering the water should give you some insight.



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