Swimming Pic of the Week - May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010
Swimming Pic of the Week - May 6, 2010

This is just a sample of what you get in a Go Swim video that we don't even talk about.  In watching the elite of the elite, there are so many things we've discussed at length on this website, that are illustrated so well, even if it's not a focal point within the video.

We've talked about the timing of the kick, and while it's sometimes tough to determine where the downbeat comes, Fran Crippen beautifully illustrates how he times the kick with the initiation of the pull to the same side.

Tell us what you think of this quick sequence, and remember, our site is a living thing.  There are thousands of posts, comments, discussions throughout the site, and just about everything that's ever been discussed can be illustrated within one, or many of our premium videos.  In other words, while you reach your own conclusions to things, don't just discuss, pick up a few DVDs and see for yourself.

You can start by picking up Fran's DVD starting to ship today.  Don't delay, supplies are limited (not really, but it seems to work for those annoying infomercials...probably should have turned the text RED and made it blink to make it REALLY annoying).

With that said, also point out anything else you can see that is a very important point(s) in freestyle.

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