Swimming Pic of the Week - September 16, 2011

Sep 16, 2011
Swimming Pic of the Week - September 16, 2011

A quick shot from a typical practice - kicking with a board.

There are days when you don't use boards for kicking, and there are days that you do.  I've written many times about my belief in kicking with boards... the ability to get as much air as possible, allowing for a complete overloading of the legs, building foot speed, and a simple intense training of the legs.  

There are many who believe that by grabbing a kick board, you're automatically going to 1) injure the shoulders, 2) ruin body position... neither of which is "absolute."  There have been way too many swimmers who have kicked strictly with boards for years and years, and reached amazing levels of swimming for either of those statements to be absolutes.

Here's a shot from an intense kick set yesterday, check out the hip positions of the swimmers.

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