Swimming Question of the Week - June 30, 2010

Jun 30, 2010
Swimming Question of the Week - June 30, 2010

This suggested question from one of our favorite GoSwimmers... Sprinter.

What type of pool do you train in?  

Post pictures if you're able.  I personally swim at 3-4 various pools during the week, so I'll post a picture of my 2nd favorite.  I'll see if I can dig up a picture of my favorite and post that later.

Click image to view larger.

Found it... here's my favorite pool, which I'm usually in every Saturday morning... almost year round.

To post a picture, you'll need to link to a picture in a Flickr, or Photobucket, or Picassa... one of those online storage things, and use the code like I've pasted in below here.  Obviously, the important part is the brackets.  Good luck. :)

Keep the maximum width of the pics to about 500 pixels or I'll have to delete them.  Thanks.

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