Swimming Upstream

May 17, 2010
Swimming Upstream

Whenever given the opportunity to take some time to jump in the open water to do some swimming, it's one of those things you simply HAVE to do.  That is, of course, if you plan on doing any open water swimming.

With some swims coming up this summer, it's time to get used to swimming along side a kayaker.  Both for the kayaker and the swimmer.  Building this partnership will be key for longer swims, as the swimmer will rely on the sighting ability of the kayaker.  With some swims having distances that are so great from point to point, the extremely low profile of the swimmer makes it extremely difficult to find anything to sight on.

There will be many issues that have to be learned by both for the most successful swim.  How close should the kayak be to the swimmer.  What signs need to be worked out to communicate without stopping.  How often does the team need to pause to feed, drink, or communicate about how things are going.

I guess the real question in this whole quest is, who has it tougher, the swimmer who's going 10 miles, or the kayaker who has to sight, sit, and paddle slowly and straight.  I know what my answer is.

Which led me to watch the video from our recent practice.  Don't you love how swimming one way, you look like you're flying, and the other way, it's like you're standing still!

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