Take Go Swim With You

Oct 28, 2005
Take Go Swim With You

Got iPod? If you have any member of the iPod family, the world's hottest digital music player, there is more good news. Now you can take Go Swim with you.


For the past few weeks, we have been posting a midweek Podcast that features a reading of the Drill of The Week, Go Swim articles, and a selected topic from the discussion board.

Now it is even easier to get your weekly Go Swim Podcast. We have put the Podcasts on an rss feed and have submitted them to iTunes. In iTunes you can subscribe to the Go Swim Podcast by clicking here, or by searching for GoSwimPodcast in the iTunes Store. When you subscribe, all the past episodes will appear for you to download. Then the newest episodes will be directly downloaded to your Podcasts.

Keep watching our site! We are staying current with all the new tech advancements, and will do our best to provide SWIMMING content for the new devices. As always, please let us know what you think.

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