Team Technique Day

Mar 7, 2003
Team Technique Day

Want your swimmers to have some fun, learn some solid technique, and be inspired?  Our Team Technique Day is just the ticket.   

Most teams ask us to cover all the strokes, plus starts and turns. But if you prefer to have your swimmers focus on just starts and turns, for example, or just breaststroke, we can adapt the camp to your needs.

The length of each session, and the number of sessions can be defined through interaction and consultation between Go Swim and the Coach.  Depending on the number, age, and ability level of the swimmers, all of these can be varied.

Some teams have used a Go Swim Team Technique Day as a fundraiser. To do this, they determine a set fee per swimmer to cover the actual cost of the day. They then charge a bit more per swimmer, with the extra fee being used as a fundraiser for the team.


Team Technique Days are also a great alternative to traveling to a summer swim camp. Rather than having to find the right summer camp for your kids or team, you can bring a Go Swim Technique Day right to your pool.  

Don't take our word for it.

Here's what Eric McClaren had to say about the Go Swim Clinic in Clarence, NY.

Last August we hosted a GOSWIM clinic. They ran a smooth-flowing operation that included all four strokes and lessons on training techniques and race strategies. Glenn added numerous life experiences that personalized his teachings and made the swimmers more aware of what it takes to be a successful swimmer. There were not enough hours in the day to learn all that they had to offer. Hopefully, someday, we will have another opportunity to have GOSWIM back for another camp.

Here is what some of the swimmers had to say about GOSWIM...

"This camp helped me improve and enjoy strokes I usually struggle with, like breast and fly. Glenn and the other coaches were quick to get to know the participants and make them feel comfortable. The drills we learned were presented in a fun, educational setting. We were taught the practical use of the drills to help our strokes and our swimming. All of the coaches were very attentive and eager to help everyone in any way possible."

"I learned that I could do all four strokes. Glenn made me feel like I could do anything. He made it easy for me to understand and he made it fun, too."

"I thought that I knew all there was to know about swimming but a weekend with Glenn made it clear to me that I had a lot to learn. I had a fun time at the camp and I learned that, if I work hard, I can be a very good swimmer."

Responses like these lead me to believe the GOSWIM camp was a worthwhile opportunity, not only for the swimmers but also for the coaches who were in attendance. I have used what I learned from the camp and applied it to my high school team's practices and we just completed a very successful season. I recommend GOSWIM to anyone who wants a fresh, exciting approach to coaching and teaching.

- Eric McClaren
Head Coach
Boys and Girls
Clarence High School Swim Team

This is a letter of thanks from Tom Sweeney for the Go Swim Clinic in Naperville, Illinois.


Fox has never been in the top ten teams at state but last night we got within 20 points of first place at our age-group championships in Illinois. It came down to the last two 13-14 relays.

Although a lot of birthdays were nicely aligned, much credit goes to the teaching, teaching, teaching that our staff does on a daily basis.The GoSwim Clinic was a part of this process revitalizing all of us as we headed into the championship season. I visit GoSwim on a daily basis and we plan to project the DVD drills on a wall during the spring "let's learn to swim all over again" clinics.

Our 9-10s dominated, our 11-12s often had two in a finals heat and we have two of the best 11s in the state (Anne: 58.00 100 FR; 1:03 100 BK; low 28 50 BF; Jen 58.4 100 FR; 28.16 50 BF etc.) Our 13-14s kept us in the hunt. Next year will be more difficult unless we can import some more 11-14 boys.

Thanks for your help!

Tom Sweeney
Nequa Valley FOX Swim Team

For more information on Go Swim Team Camps, and Go Swim Summer Team Camps, please e-mail Glenn, or call 877-467-9461.  
There is a set fee per day, plus standard expenses which include travel and hotel.

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