The Swimmer's Edge

May 20, 2011
The Swimmer's Edge

A few weeks back I was able to spend time working the Dave Denniston & Friends Breaststroke camp in Auburn, AL.

One of Dave's other friends was also a friend of mine, Nathan Manley.  While I was there, I realized Nathan had put together a motivational log book for swimmers called "The Swimmers EDGE".  

I've had a chance to go through it, and it's not just a log book, but a log book with technique goals and technique points for swimmers to think about.  

Nathan has recruited a talented crew to help him with this book, and the list includes:
Sports Psychologist, Dr. Alan Goldberg
Master Coach, Bob Steele
NCAA Champion, Dave Denniston
Registered Dietician, Amanda Drerup

It's full of good ideas to keep swimmers on track.  If you're looking for daily reminders on your swimming, come here for your visual content, and pick up Nathan's book at Amazon.

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