The Tools I used in 2010

Dec 31, 2010
The Tools I used in 2010

To finish the year, my love of swimming tools and toys brings me to my final compilation of the year... these are the swim tools that got me through 2010.  I'm always hoping that the great minds who love the sport continue to develop new stuff, cause I love innovation and thinking people.

SKINS - I do have a set of these, but I have to admit, I'm just not working hard enough continuously to get sore enough to test the effectiveness of them.  Guess that's a good goal for 2011 huh?  Work hard enough to get sore.  Ugh... do I really wanna look forward to this?

Finis Swimsense - I've been using it over the past couple of weeks and will continue to.  It's just getting started with something cool like this is tough right around the holidays.  I don't do Christmas training like when I was young.  Looking forward to building some serious data with this.

Finis Swimp3 - Seriously, when I just want to disappear in the water... this is what I use.  My favorite swim tool to just veg out.

Star Paddles - Not your typical Speedo to TYR paddle... but just a good solid tool.  I've been very happy with these.

TYR Socket Rockets - What a great mix of the standard Swedes and a thin gasket for comfort.  Besides, the mirrored finish makes me look like I'm some kind of star.  I need all the help I can get with this.

Go Swim Streaming Videos - Yeah... so I'm pushing my own products.  Seriously, these are so great to have access to while teaching or coaching.  Pull up a chapter on the phone and show it to a swimmer.  Nothing to lose and always available where I want it, when I want it.  I'm a believer and it's a good practical tool.  :)

Go Swim iPhone / Android App - Yep... here I go again.  Seriously though, it's got everything you'd want in a FREE swimming app.  High quality video, some cool pictures, constantly updated swim news and posts from around the world, and even the ability for you to get involved.  Grab it... don't cost nuthin!

Twitter / Facebook - If you're a competitor, especially at the high end of the sport, it's actually pretty easy to get an idea of what your competition is doing in their own training.  While they don't give away all their secrets, the occasional training tweets from Olympians give you enough insight to tell you you need to be working MORE!  If you're a masters or more casual swimmer, there are a ton of great friends to follow and connect with for support.  Of course, you can link to these people in the Go Swim app as well. ;)

Engine Swim Suits - How could I not wear a suit called "Fatboys"?  I've been wearing this suit for training for a long time, and it's got some great life to it.  Even though it has to ship from Australia... it's worth it.

Aqua Sphere Alpha Fins - Sure, I've been biased to these fins ever since my good friend Paul R. designed them.  Truth be told, for swimming, filming, and just kicking around at the pool, these have been the most comfortable and the fin I can use in such a variety of ways... that they've become my all time fave.

Sporti Bags - To carry all my stuff back and forth to the pool... I just need a bag or two.  Nothing fancy, it needs to be durable and has to hold stuff.  I've got a couple of these bags, and they certainly serve all my needs.  I use this backpack for my swimming wet stuff, and then this duffle bag to carry my typical "gear" for filming, and various other things I'm testing.

While this may seem like an ad, these are really the products I'm currently using and have in my swim bag(s).  I have made a switch from the standard swimmers snorkel to the freestyle snorkel as well.  Mainly because I needed to experience HOW to use it better.  I wasn't crazy about it at first because I'd bring in more water, but now that I'm using it more, I've discovered it wasn't the snorkel's fault... uh... it was my head position.

Sure, then there's all the cameras, of which my staple for teaching is still the Pentax W60.  I'm about two or three generations behind because now the latest version is the W90, but mine is still working great for teaching.

Of course, the REAL tool is the brain, and for that, I'm blessed to have been exposed to so many great swimmers and coaches that there are bits and pieces of each of them in my mind.  They get pulled out little by little when the need arises, so I'd be remiss in not thanking each of, at least, the athletes here... besides... it gives me another shot at posting links to the videos... which is how we continue to provide everything else on this site, so spread the word, or click a link, and make a purchase.  :)  Every little bit helps.

Special thanks to:
Kaitlin Sandeno
Erik Vendt
Eric Shanteau
Aaron Peirsol
Jeff Rouse
Margaret Hoelzer
Staciana Stitts
Dave Denniston
And Dave Denniston again
Amanda Beard
Brendan Hansen
Hmmm... and Dave Denniston again, we must like this guy
Misty Hyman
Jason Lezak
Kara Lynn Joyce
Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen
Roland Schoeman
Kevin Clements
Scott Tucker
Sara McLarty
Steve Haufler - and Steve - and Steve - and Steve ;)
Karlyn again!

And of course, the athlete who taught us more about the importance of living well, our friend, Fran Crippen.

There are a few more with no links just yet, but very soon:
Cullen Jones
Robert Margalis
Roque Santos - whom we wish much success with his new Q swimwear line.

Stay tuned and Happy New Year to all.

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