The Unmasking

Jul 23, 2004
The Unmasking

Over the past few weeks we have been running a series of clues as to my true identity. Well the river card is down and I have to show my hand. (Incidentally, the world series of poker has started again.) Drum roll please!!!!


Okay so that isn't me. Here is my picture. How's that for a face only a mother could love. So if you don't know me from the picture, my real name is Judson Aungst, or "Judd" for short. My mother was a mean-spirited woman.


She couldn't rest with simply saddling me with a name that no one had ever heard of, so she made sure my nickname was spelled differently. That is just my first name. Many of you might recognize the last name. That is right. I am the one and only son of high school swim coach extraordinaire, Arthur Sinclair Aungst III.

I have been coaching at Bucknell University for the past three seasons. That was probably made obvious by the fact that we had our first summer camp there. Most recently I have spent the summer on the road with the Go Swim kids' camps. I will be working full time at the International Go Swim Headquarters. With the advent of the Internet, you can use "international" to make yourself sound bigger without lying about it.

I would like to thank everyone who has been posting on the articles and discussion boards. The feedback has helped me tremendously with my thinking and approach to coaching. I would also like to thank Barbara for making me sound literate. Glenn gets a big shout out for running this whole Go Swim thing; without the site I would still be writing all of my thoughts on napkins, and scrap paper.

You can expect to hear more from me. I might be keeping the Coach Black alias as a pen name for coaching-related articles/questions/opinions. The non-coaching articles/thoughts will probably be written under my real name. This is sort of a Samuel Clemens/ Mark Twain thing, but not nearly so well written.

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