Time-Saving Tips for Lazy Swimmers #5

Oct 7, 2005
Time-Saving Tips for Lazy Swimmers #5

I know what you're thinking... how in the world can anything with the word FAST in it be easy, or make things easier to do? Well... that's why I'm writing this, to explain to the lazy swimmers WHY in the world it would be easier to move something FASTER.


Breaststroke is the only stroke in which your hands have to PUSH against the water to reach the beginning the the next stroke. Because of that, lazy swimmers think they can just reach forward to get their hands set again, and fall into the next stroke. The BIG trouble is that lazy swimmers spent so much time moving their hands forward, they really DO end up creating a lot of resistance during the recovery, and simply are working against themselves. Even lazy swimmers will understand, that's just not a good thing.

If you watch the video clip associated with this article, you'll realize that none of the swimmers are moving really fast. However, when you look at the way their hands move, they get them through the water quick enough to be set up for the kick... even while swimming slow.

Really... all you have to do is focus on pushing your hands forward with a little bit more UMMPH to reach out front. That little bit of extra effort there, means you'll create less resistance (resistance BAD), reach your full extension sooner (extension GOOD), finish your kick more effectively (finish GOOD), and make it easier to get to the other end (other end... REALLY GOOD).

Remember, really lazy swimmers get their hands back out front as quickly as possible, it cleans up the rest of the stroke nicely, and just makes it easier to swim good breaststroke.

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