Top Reasons to Subscribe to

Sep 3, 2010
Top Reasons to Subscribe to


1.  You have access to Go Swim's entire video library (30+ full-length DVDs with a retail value of more than $1200) for only pennies a day.

2.  You can make use of our extensive video library of world-class swimmers from any computer or shartphone with access to the web.

3.  You can learn almost anything about swimming.  Our library covers freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, starts, turns, finishes, open-water skills, basic teaching progressions, and drills to improve every aspect of your swimming.

4.  Learn from the world's best swimmers and teachers.  Our videos feature Aaron Perisol, Brendan Hansen, Eric Shanteau, Jason Lezak, Cullen Jones, Jessica Hardy, Amanda Beard, Misty Hyman, Steve Haufler, and more.  You can zoom in and actually see what these superstars do and learn how you can add their technique to your own swimming and coaching.

5.  Earn ASCA credits by watching our videos and reporting on what you learn.

**These services and benefits are being developed and wil be available in the next few months.**

1.  Take advantage of the newest concept in education:  pre-teaching and pre-learning.  As a coach, you'll be able to share content with your swimmers BEFORE they come to the pool.  You direct them to high-quality visual images of what you want them to learn or understand.  The swimmers watch the technique and concept at home on their smartphone or tablet...then come to the pool to practice under your guidance.  They arrive at the pool knowing what you expect.  They have a visual idea of how a specific skill should be performed, and knowledge of how it will help their swimming.  You spend less valuable pool time explaining, and more time fine tuning and interacting with swimmers.

2.  Simple-to-use auto scheduling.  Find a video you want your swimmers to see.  Click SHARE.  Write a short message about why you want them to watch it.  The video clip is automatically delivered to your swimmers at a preset time for viewing before the next practice.

3.  Schedule the content you want your swimmers to see up to 10 days in advance.

4.  Track which swimmers are viewing the content.

5.  Reach your swimmers where they live.  All video clips are viewable on most smartphones and tablets, so they can get the videos on their way to or from practice.  No excuses.

6.  Communicate with your swimmers after practice. Follow up on what happened in the pool by directing your swimmers to additional video clips.  Stay connected with your swimmers outside the pool.

7.  Help your swimmers take ownership or their swimming.  Help them understand the core ideas and concepts in swimming.  Drive and direct the learning experience.  Make sure they understand that being an athlete means more than swimming back and forth.

8.  Keep technique in front of them every day, in a way they understand:  smart phone!  Use today's technology to keep them thinking about what they do in the water and how they do it.

8.  Recieve a weekly newsletter from Go Swim, with links and ideas on which video clips might be the most useful for your program.  We're coaches, too, and there's a good chance we're working on similar things at similar times of the year.

9  Choose a Communication Package that's right your your team.  The price for being able to communicate with your team will be AFFORDABLE, no matter how big or small your team.  Teams will pay a maximum of $5/year/swimmer on top of the standard annual membership fee of $99.99 for the coach.  And if you have multiple coaches, they can get a discounted standard annual membership.  

10.  Become a Team Affiliate and earn the ability to get all of our services for FREE.  A team will be able to offer subscriptions to their team, the team members get a discount on their subscription and part of each sale will come directly back to the team.

Not yet a subscriber?  It's time to get a jump on the website that's reinventing how coaches coach and swimmers learn.  For a limited time you can get an annual subscription to for 20% off the standard price of $99.99/year.    For just $79.99/year...less than 22 cents a can empower yourself and your swimmers.  

To sign up, go to  Type in the code sept2012 for a 20% discount on your one-year subscription.  This offer ends on September 30, 2012 and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Questions?  Contact and have a technically GREAT season.

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