Topping Point

Aug 27, 2009
Topping Point

I just received my copy of the Topping Point (short film) on DVD. Knowing that the money goes to support Husky Swimming Foundation certainly helps put us to order the video, I can tell you, this looks to be a very interesting movie. It's great to see the sport in such light, and the Ontracc producers really taking care in featuring the sport of swimming. Support Husky swimming, and support the sport of swimming by picking up the $5 video.

Press release from Ontracc, LLC - August 12, 2009



College swimming programs are being shut down at an alarming rate as universities across the United States feel the squeeze from an intense recession. Olympic swimming hopefuls once enjoyed full college scholarships and top notch training facilities as they prepared to represent their country, but now they are being shutout. Swimmers without funding are swimmers without a future.

Don’t let the future of America’s Olympic swimming perish, support the college swimming community by purchasing a high quality TOPPING POINT DVD and Poster.

All profits from sales of the DVD are donated to the Husky Swimming Foundation which has been set up to support college swimmers. Your purchase makes a direct impact by helping fund this organization, and by supporting the development of TOPPING POINT into a feature length film.

Over 2,900 people, including Michael Phelps and Gil Stovall, have become fans of the TOPPING POINT Facebook Page. Please join our Facebook page and show your support

Some of today’s recent headlines:

“the public support for our nation’s colleges continues to crumble” – The Boston Globe

“The athletic department announced earlier this month it will cut both the University of Washington’s women's and men's swimming teams” – The Seattle Pi

“In April, Cincinnati announced it would phase out financial aid for athletes in men's track and men's swimming. In May, Washington eliminated men's and women's swimming and Arizona State eliminated men's tennis, men's swimming and wrestling” – Sports Illustrated

“a slew of men's programs have been cut across the nation due to the finances of collegiate athletics” –

ABOUT TOPPING POINT – TOPPING POINT is a gripping 6 minute music video short film hybrid about an American Olympic hopeful named Adam Rand as he trains for his Gold Medal dream despite a collapsing economy around him. TOPPING POINT is currently being developed into a feature length film for a July 4th, 2012 release in conjunction with the London Olympics. For more updates and information please visit our Facebook page at

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