Training - Water Polo Block

Jan 13, 2009
Training - Water Polo Block

Working the inner thigh for breaststroke, as well as developing quick, explosive power for starts, turns, and general racing is always a great idea, but sometimes tough to do in our sport.  This drill, borrowed from our friends in the water polo community, is tough, and accomplishes pretty much all of the above.

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Why Do It:
Water Polo Block is not only tough but also fun.  The eggbeater kick allows swimmers to work the inner thigh with less chance of injury, and the explosiveness of trying to climb out of the water helps build some of those QUICK muscles we sometimes miss with long training.

How to Do It:
1.  Start with a simple eggbeater kick while treading water.
2.  When the coach tells you to start, reach up and out of the water as HIGH as possible with your right arm.
3.  Come back down for a couple kicks, then explode out of the water again, reaching as high as possible with your left arm.
4.  Continue alternating for as long as your coach wants you to.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Don't use just your legs to lift out of the water.  You should also brace, or press, with the hand that's still in the water to push you up higher.  Try to get as much of your suit (or ANY of your suit if you're a guy) out of the water.  Maybe even position yourself under the flags for a REAL challenge.

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