Turns - Eyes Down Flip Turn

Mar 19, 2014
Turns - Eyes Down Flip Turn

How you approach the wall can determine how good your flip turn is.  Keeping the eyes down is the best start.

Why do it:
Keeping the head lower as you approach the wall, allows the body to fall or flow through the tuck, and helps get the legs around quicker.  Lifting the head sends the body in the wrong direction and can cause a hesitation in the initiation of the tuck.

How to do it:
 First, pay attention to what your instinctively do when approaching the wall.  Where do you look?  If you SEE the cross at the end, your head is too high.
2)  Start to lower the spot you look at on the wall, until you're looking more toward the bottom corner, where the wall meets the floor.  These spots will obviously change based on the depth of the pool... just don't see the cross.
3)  Continue to practice this until you're comfortable not looking up at all.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
When you're very comfortable with the eyes down turn, the next step is to submerge your head and body prior to the tuck.  This subtle action allows the standing water to help guide your torso down and into the tuck.  Don't go TOO deep though, as you still need to get the legs over the top.

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