Turns - FOIL Monofin Head Lead Dolphin

Apr 16, 2014
Turns - FOIL Monofin Head Lead Dolphin

In working to develop a better underwater dolphin, this drill isolates the a stable head to help you learn to send all your energy forward.

Why do it:
Simply put, you probably can’t work enough on your underwater dolphins, so here’s another way to do that.

How to do it:
Start with a length of head-lead underwater dolpin with a FOIL Monofin.  The goal of this is to keep the head as stable as possible with the increased surface area of the monofin.
2)  On the next length, increase the rate or speed, continuing to focus on maintaining a stable head position.
3)  Next, increase the rate again, while keeping the head as still as possible.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
The goal would be to end up going as fast as possible, and seeing if you can keep the head as still as possible.  You’re working on the ability to control what the body naturally wants to do, lead up and down with the head.  Without the arms locked around the head in streamline, the faster you go, the more control you’ll need.

Make sure you take plenty of rest between 25s to get your breath back.

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