Turns - Knee Your Chin!

Mar 20, 2012
Turns - Knee Your Chin!

Swimming fast isn't just about a great pushoff and streamline.  

Why Do It:
How quickly you get through the turn has as much to do with fast times, as fast swimming does.  In practice, swimmers can relax a bit too much, open up their bodies, look back, and simply take too much time by being sloppy.

How to Do It:
 This works for all turns.  Each of these swimmers has a bit too much gap between their chest and thighs during the turn.  The goal of this quick drill is to get their bodies tighter.
2.  Have the swimmer stretch out on the wall, hands on the edge and feet near the surface.
3.  Just as Dave Denniston demonstrates in his turns video, and as Steve Haufler demonstrats in his turns video, have the swimmer TUCK the knees up and try to get them all the way to the chin.  
4.  Practice this both stationary, and with a pushoff.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
While drills are great, doing this really well means doing it consistently.  You don't have to do this fast to accomplish it, but you do have to be very focused on staying tight, and keeping the chin tucked through all your turns.  In just 5 minutes, you can see the difference in these swimmers when simply asked to focus on this point.

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