Turns - Late-Hands Flip

Apr 13, 2010
Turns - Late-Hands Flip

When first learning how to do an effective flip turn, many people try to use the hands to help them get the turn started.  But then they get caught, and are unable to finish the rotation.  Here's an easy point to remember to help you snap those turns.

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Why Do It:
Even accomplished swimmers can focus on this point to make sure they're snapping the legs around on the flip turn.

How to Do It:
 This is a very simple drill because all it takes is timing "when" you push your hands toward your shoulders to aid in the rotation of the flip.  Approach the wall as you normally would for a turn.
2.  Initiate the turn by ducking your head, which will get the front half of your body through the turn almost effortlessly.
3.  Turn your palms toward the bottom of the pool and as soon as you can see your knees, push your hands toward your shoulders.
4.  The further your torso is rotated around prior to pushing toward your shoulders with your hands, the more this move will help get the legs over the top for the flip.
5.  Plant your feet on the wall and push off.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Think of the actual flip in two simple steps:  1) duck the head to get the torso through, and 2) push the hands to snap the legs over.  

For those of you who are learning the turn, and this clip of video looks all too familiar... stalling, sinking, having a hard time getting all the way over... chances are you're either not using the hands properly, or simply trying to use them too early.

Keep practicing, and make sure you use the hands in the second stage of the flip turn.

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