Turns - Learning the Underwater Dolphin - Step 5

Mar 30, 2010
Turns - Learning the Underwater Dolphin - Step 5

In moving up the ladder in mastering the underwater dolphin, more fine points come out.  The quickest way to work through these, is to focus on one.

Why Do It:
Isolating what makes you move forward in the underwater dolphin makes the entire motion more purposeful.

How to Do It:
  While you don't have to use a Finis Monofin to attempt this focal point, the larger the fin, the easier it is for you to experience this particular feeling.
2.  The goal is simple:  Isolate a stable hand and head position as you accelerate down the pool with your larger fins.
3.  Try to go as fast as possible as you perform the underwater dolphin, keeping your mind focused on NOT moving your hands up and down at all.
4.  Feel the body dolphin movement starting as high in the body as possible (yet still behind the shoulders).  Chest, then hips, then thighs, and extending through the feet.  The farther back toward the feet the move gets, the larger it gets.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
This drill, in itself, is a fine point.  Too many swimmers lead this movement with the hands and head when, in reality, you need to have a very tight and solid edge cutting through the water out front, and piercing the water.  The stiffer this leading edge, the bigger the whip at the end of the body.

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