Turns - Official Tennessee Turns

Dec 12, 2012
Turns - Official Tennessee Turns

What's rarer than the date 12/12/12?  How about an Alabama alum praising a Tennessee alum on demonstrating the definitive Tennessee Turn?

There've been a lot of variations on the Tennessee Turn, so when I had a chance to reconnect with an old friend and competitor, Rich DiLalla, I jumped at the chance to have Rich show us the OFFICIAL Tennessee Turn.

To back up Richard's credibility in this:  He was a UT All American, Team Captain, and a member of the "Volunteer Board," which he earned by making 4 years of doubles without ever missing a practice, while swimming for the legendary Coach, Ray Buzzard.  I feel he's quite the authority on this.

We've written about the benefits of this before, so, without further ado... Please show us the Official Tennessee turn, Rich.

Swim toward the wall, go under at the flags, turn at the wall still under water, and make sure your breakout is past the flags again.

Now do that at every wall for a while, and you'll see why Tennessee Turns can benefit your swimming.  Thanks, Rich, and one last rarity here... uh... go Vols? ;)  Ugh... I can't believe I said that.

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