Turns - Stretch Cord Turns

Dec 17, 2013
Turns - Stretch Cord Turns

Here's a fun way to learn to tuck into your butterfly and breaststroke turns better.

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Why do it:
Using the abs and legs to snap into a tight ball on your turns will help you spin faster, and get you off the wall quicker in your races.

How to do it:
 Attach the cord to the swimmer and have him see if he can make it to the other wall.  If he can't, losen the cord a bit.
2)  Get the swimmer to the other end, and have him do a few tucks, while dropping the turning hand (just like on a regular turn).
3)  When the swimmer identifies the muscles he uses to tuck up the legs with the cord, take the cord off and have him do a few turns.

How to do it really well (the fine points):
While we're in a teaching pool here, you could have the swimmer do a few 100s or 200s with the cord on.  Getting to the far wall would have it's challenge with the resistance, and the turn will be tough.  At the other end, the swimmer can prep, and focus on a fast turn.

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