Turns - Vertical Pushoffs

Nov 5, 2013
Turns - Vertical Pushoffs

When first teaching swimmers to push off more on their backs for a flip turn, sometimes there is some disorientation in this process.

Why Do It:
These simple push-offs accomplish a couple things.  First, they teach the swimmer that a push-off should be like a JUMP.  Agressive and quick.  When you progress to the rotation, it teaches the swimmer how to manage their balance during the torque of the feet as they leave the wall.

How to Do It:
  Have the swimmer jump as high as they can with their arms at their sides.
2.  Next, have the swimmer get in the streamline position, and jump again, as high as they can.  Try to make sure they're landing straight as well.
3.  Now have the swimmer, in streamline, rotate 180° so that they land completely opposite from where they started.

How to Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
When a swimmer really starts to understand this rotation, have them do a few jumps, with the 180° rotation after each one.  You'll see that we lowered the bottom of the pool.  This was also to show this can be done at various depths.

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